Creating a Greener World - a few things you can do straight away.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the enormous challenge of trying to save the environment for us and our children and grandchildren? Here are a few simple, positive things you can do, and some links to further ideas ...

The most important of all the things you can do is to just keep up the pressure on those who have political or economic power to change things. Individual actions are great, but on their own they will not solve the enormous problems that we face with climate change. So raise the issue at all levels. Show the people around you that you think it is important. Talk about it with your elected representatives, and with people who run the local facilities that you use. Make it clear to politicians that they have to take climate change seriously, working with other governments, as well as clamping down on the vested interests that would like us to keep using fossil fuels. But here are a few actions you can take immediately:

  1. Sign up to the national FoE email newsletter here to be notified of current and future actions. To be put on the local email list, and be sure of getting notifications of local events, contact us.

  2. Inspire your office to go green. Sort out a separate recyclables collection with bins. Make sure colleagues understand. Buy recycled (eg, paper, print cartridges). (From the FoE Waste Booklet)

  3. Recycle more, and only buy what you need, and only if you’ve been unable to find it in a charity shop, on freecycle or eBay or car boot sale. (From the FoE Waste Booklet)

  4. Where possible, travel by public transport. If you really have to use a car, think about whether you could share a car on a regular trip – to work, a football match, to a class or the shops. Is there someone who lives near you going too? Sharing a car means one less vehicle on the road and alternating which car you use means one of you can relax on the journey. (From the FoE Transport booklet)

  5. Take a bee walk. Explore your neighbourhood with a bee’s eyes. Is your local park or favourite walking route popular with pollinators? Is it managed in a bee-friendly way? Could your local park include a wildflower meadow to replace some of the shortgrass or have beds full of bee-friendly plants? How are the hedgerows and the verges managed? If they’re cut at the wrong time and in the wrong way it’s likely to harm bees. Why not invite other people to walk with you? Perhaps you could ask your MP or local councillors along – to highlight the plight of the bee and wildlife more widely. (From the FoE Bees Booklet)

  6. If you have some spare cash and a more or less south-facing roof, you can invest your money usefully in solar photovoltaic (pv) panels. Prices are dropping all the time, and it is still possible to look at this as a long-term investment, though the drastic cut in government subsidy, in the form of the Feed in Tariff, means that it is no longer such a good deal as it was before September 2015.  Even if you don't have the cash up-front, there are some schemes whereby companies will install the panels and you pay back out of your feed-in tariff payments. See here, for one company's scheme.

You can find many more ideas in the FoE booklets which can be downloaded from here.


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