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Friends of the Earth
Next planning meeting -
7:30pm Tues. 9th July  2024

Brent FoE on Central London Demo

By Zoom (join mailing list or email for link) or in person at:

Barham Community Library, 660 Harrow Road, Wembley, HA0 2HB

Diversity Statement

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WELCOME to Brent Friends of the Earth

Brent FoE works in partnership with national Friends of the Earth UK. There are FoE groups in many localities and many countries campaigning on environmental issues.

For details about the group - see below.

For suggestions about what you can do about climate change click here.

Membership of the group is open to anybody who supports the group's aims. We’d love to have you join us (we are a friendly bunch!) – see the Get involved page.

If you want to ask us or tell us anything – we’d be happy to hear from you - go to the Contact page.

Our Group Planning Meetings - are usually held on the second Tuesday of the month month at 7.30pm. All are welcome. For details see the Calendar.

Our latest  posts:

View of Brent

About Brent

Brent is one of the most multicultural boroughs in the UK, with 149 languages spoken. People in Brent have family connections worldwide, so it is a good place to talk about the major changes needed to tackle the environmental crisis. 

Last summer we hit record high temperatures, and saw a winter with high gas and food prices. 2024 is on course to be the hottest year on record, globally. More than ever, we need a real effort to tackle the issues we are facing, and help those who are suffering. We must stop relying on fossil fuels. They are hugely damaging to the environment, as well as being subject to price hikes caused by geo-political events. We need to create an infrastructure that will keep us all warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And we need stop the situation from getting worse and worse. We need fundamental change.


Our Goals

Our major goal currently is to tackle the climate crisis, by raising the awareness of the Brent public, and involving them in action. We campaign to get the council, and central government, to respond effectively to the climate emergency.


We also play a part in other campaigns, including for clean air, and against the proliferation of environment-damaging plastic.


To this end, we run stalls and leaflet, and write a regular column for the Brent and Kilburn Times. We have also talked on Chalkhill Community Radio. We also take part in national actions run by Friends of the Earth and other organisations. We are in the process of improving our online presence. We have a group of people who engage with Brent council on their climate action plans and policy.

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Bunting flags with climate change demands


Brent Friends of the Earth was formed in 2006. Since then public opinion has shifted considerably in terms of the need to combat climate change. Local and national Governments have made some moves in the right direction, though nowhere near enough. Brent Friends of the Earth has been part of the pressure that has brought about these changes, and will continue to apply that pressure. Recently we have had many meetings with Councillors and others.

We regularly hold information stalls, talking with people and letting them know the steps we can all take to improve things. In recent years we held hustings for local and National elections, where we invited members from the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrat Party, the Conservative Party, and the Green Party to answer questions from local people on environmental matters. We have also been building awareness on the dangers of flooding within Brent along the waterways. 

We want to do more, but we all have limited time to work on these projects. Would you be able to help us build a better future for Brent?


Our Co-ordinators

Pam Laurance

Pam Laurance

A campaigner for decades for a number of causes, Pam has decided to focus on the climate crisis as it often seems to be pushed to the back of the queue. She was a social worker and is now a part time counsellor, living in Neasden with Ian Saville.


Simon Erskine

Simon is a semi-retired charity accountant and was previously treasurer of climate charity Possible. He has been an active member of Brent Friends of the Earth for several years.

Ian Saville photo_edited.jpg
Ian Saville

Ian Saville

Ian Saville is a performer, writer & lecturer, living in Neasden with Pam Laurance. He's trained in theatre studies, and his 'Socialist Magic' act

is quite well known. Ian has been involved in many local campaigns as well as Brent Friends of the Earth.

Elaine Sheppard

Elaine Sheppard

Elaine has been a supporter of Brent FOE for around 5 years and is a passionate climate and social justice activist, who also loves cycling. She has lived in Kensal Green for 25 years.  Elaine is recently retired from paid work after 40+ years working in community projects in inner London.

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