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Brent FoE Diversity Statement


Brent Friends of the Earth is aware of the many overlapping power imbalances that exist between different groups in the UK and globally.


We intend to relate respectfully to each other acknowledging our different backgrounds, identities, needs and abilities.


We want the group to be comfortable and welcoming for everybody. If you have any additional needs which we could do better at meeting please let us know. And if anything that happens in the group makes you feel uncomfortable also please let us know. We will do our best to put things right.

We recognise that the industrial processes which enabled the Global North to prosper have caused, and continue to cause, the changes in climate which are causing huge problems for the Global South. We also recognise that many countries in the Global South are less equipped to deal with it than they might be due to the wealth that was, and continues to be, extracted from them by the Global North.

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