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Why Go Plant-based?

Having a plant-based (or largely plant-based) diet means that your carbon footprint will be very much smaller. A great deal of deforestation is going on which means cutting down many thousands of trees; trees which would otherwise mitigate climate change. It often takes place to make space for growing soy in South America.

Most soy goes to feed animals for the meat and dairy industry – a sector that contributes more climate change emissions than all the cars, planes and lorries on the planet.Growing soy products for people to eat directly needs much less land.

Making plant based /vegan meals is pretty easy these days – almost all the supermarkets sell “plant-based” meat alternatives. And many foods which you may not think of as vegan are – For example; fruit, bread (mostly), vegetables, most cereals, plain chocolate (though you need to check, as some brands still have milk in), peas, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, rice, pasta (without egg), most cooking oils, soya milk, coconut milk, tea, coffee.etc.

So for most people a significant proportion of their diet is plant–based already. Upping that proportion will make a difference.

Google “vegan meal mushrooms”, or “plant-based cakes” (to make or buy) and you will get millions of suggestions. There are plenty of cookbooks you can get too, and easy quick meals to make. Start small, every little bit helps.



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